Industry Spotlight

Peter Mac joins BMS global immune-oncology network

28 February 2017 via Biotech Dispatch: The Melbourne-based Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre has become the first Australian representative on Bristol-Myers Squibb’s International Immuno-Oncology Network.

The peer-to-peer global network, comprised of 15 members including over 250 researchers and clinicians, aims to accelerate the development of cancer immunotherapies.

The network, with 12 clinical trials already underway and 150 research projects across 20 different tumour types, includes other global leaders in cancer research and care such as the Boston based Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York, and The Institute of Cancer Research in London.

The network focuses on understanding the mechanisms of resistance to immunotherapy, identifying patient populations likely to benefit from immunotherapy, and exploring novel combination therapies that may enhance anti-tumour response through complementary mechanisms of action.

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