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AusBiotech is committed to the biotechnology talent of the future, and to fostering the growth and development of the Australian life science industry. AusBiotech’s efforts to assist the next generation of biotechnology professionals have long-standing support from our partners and members.

AusBiotech Student Membership will not only enhance your student experience and networking opportunities, but also provide you with the knowledge to make a successful move into the biotechnology industry.

Membership offers a variety of resources and opportunities for students who plan on entering the biotechnology profession. Get insights from industry leaders, make valuable contacts, and keep up-to-date on the sector to get your career moving in the right direction.

AusBiotech Student Membership is just $90.00 a year and available to those studying full-time (undergraduate or post graduate) in a biotechnology-related discipline. Membership offers the following benefits.

Student member benefits and volunteer program opportunities

The Student Membership Rate is available until you gain your first job in the biotechnology industry.

To become a Student Member of AusBiotech, please apply online or download the application form.

Student volunteers at the International BioFest 2016

Thank you to our wonderful team of student volunteers at the International BioFest, the largest-ever gathering  in the Australian life sciences. International BioFest included the 17th International Biotechnology Symposium (IBS 2016), AusBiotech 2016 and Australia Biotech Invest. 

Below: International BioFest student volunteers

AusBiotech 2017 will be held 25 - 27 October in Adelaide. Student members of AusBiotech will be invited to apply for the Student Volunteer Program to work and network at the conferences.

Paddl jobs for students

Paddl seeks to help all students and graduates secure relevant employment. It connects the world’s students with relevant employment experiences, helping students become job-ready and desirable employees before and after graduation.

  • Find jobs relevant to your course
  • Gain valuable industry experience
  • Discover jobs near your campus and explore others

Access jobs, projects and placements for career-savvy students and register for a free Paddl account

Careers in biotechnology

 Biotechnology is a global industry, and has been in a rapid growth phase over the past decade. Biotechnology encompasses many disciplines including human therapeutics, industrial applications, the agriculture sector, food technology, medical devices and diagnostics, and cleantech. Biotech jobs are highly-skilled and highly-paid. There are many employment options including patent law, manufacturing, science, policy and business development. People with an understanding of both biosciences and business are in high demand.

Potential biotechnology occupations might include the following:

 Bioanalytical chemist  Patent examiner
 Biodiscovery research scientist  Pharmaceutical representative
 Biotechnologist  Plant breeder
 Business development manager  Policy officer/ manager
 Clinical researcher  Production technician/ manager
 Graduate administrative assistant  Quality assurance officer/ manager
 Laboratory scientist  R & D scientist
 Medical sales representative  Research development officer
 Patent attorney (not lawyer)  Technical sales representative
 Assistant plant breeder  Trainee patent attorney biotechnology

Australia is already a leading location for biotechnology companies. Career opportunities within the Australian biotechnology sector are promising, both now and into the future. From time to time, AusBiotech industry members advertise employment and work experience opportunities on this website.
Click here to view current advertised jobs. Students are also advised to speak to their university career counsellor for guidance on career pathways.

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